Structural Drying

Moisture content within a structure is often overlooked and/or misunderstood.

Excessive moisture within walls, ceilings, floors and content items provide a source from which mould and bacteria can form.

The importance of correct moisture levels cannot be understated. For any indoor environment to remain safe and healthy these levels must be within specific limits.

Through the use of specialty testing equipment we are able to identify high moisture areas and in turn formulate a plan to remove the excess moisture.

By installing air movers (to evaporate the moisture), and dehumidifiers (to catch and expel the moisture) we can bring the structure and content items back to acceptable levels. This process normally takes around three days depending on the moisture content and degree of saturation.

Structural drying is an important component, but it MUST be done at the right stage.

Warning ! Never initiate this process while mould is still active, it will simply spread the mould spores to every last inch of your premises

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