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We provide our services to the broader community including;

Child care facilities. With immune systems still developing, we provide a suitable environment for kids to learn, play and grow without unnecessary health concerns.

Aged care facilities. With immune systems deteriorating, we assist by providing the elderly with the best possible environment in which to enjoy their finer years.

Schools. With the responsibility for possibly hundreds if not thousands of students, providing a safe study environment is paramount. Just one contaminated room could affect the entire class. Add to this multiple room changes through the day and things can very quickly get out of control.

Rental tenancies. With new regulations, real estate agencies are under increased pressure to provide safer rental properties. We provide the means for real estate agents to meet their duty of care and offer a premium product to the market.

Business. Large or small is inconsequential. We provide an efficient and effective service allowing your business to run efficiently and focus on other matters.

Residential. With the home being the place we spend most of our lives, having a healthy indoor environment is the best investment you could have. We create environments to ensure your quality of life is the best it can be.

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