Designed originally for use in the health care industry, Lysis is a silver based,  all natural antibacterial treatment providing unequalled results in any designated environment.
Lysis is the combination of natural elements working together to create the most effective environmentally friendly steriliser available.
Released through our proprietary gas medium, Lysis allows total environment treatment. Behind cupboards, into the carpet and through all soft furnishings including mattresses, lounges, curtains and clothing.
Lysis actively sources out and neutralises harmful mold and bacteria on a cellular level by disrupting the makeup of the cell itself.
No longer able to reproduce or feed itself, the mould and bacteria cease to function and no longer pose a threat.
Now that the threat has been eliminated, physical cleaning may be undertaken in complete safety without the risk of further contamination by spreading around active mould spores  -  As seen on this video
Mould and bacteria are extremely resilient. If not treated comprehensively, they will continue to affectyour health for the rest of your life.

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