What To Avoid & Why
We’d love to tell you all of our mould removal trade secrets, however here are some major details you should be aware of.

BLEACH - does not kill mould. It simply turns mould white. Mould actually feeds on bleach, that’s why the problem keeps coming back.

OZONE - is a highly toxic and dangerous product with many adverse side effects. It is also highly inefficient in achieving any significant results. See attached report from NSW Department of Health

FOGGING OR MISTING -  often use harmful chemicals dispersed as a fog or mist. Highly inefficient, this action affects only accessible surfaces. Even worse, it adds additional moisture to the indoor environment.

PHYSICAL CLEANING – is a stage in a process and should not be attempted while mould and bacteria are still active as it will disperse the mould spores to a greater area.

STRUCTURAL DRYING – is another stage in a process that uses high velocity air movers. This should never be performed while mould and bacteria are active as this will severely contaminate the entire premises with active mould spores. See attached report from Queensland Health 

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