Air Purification

Modern indoor environments are mostly well contained, with very little of the outside world having any serious effect on internal status.

Unfortunately this also works the other way too. If an indoor environment is contaminated, it will not disperse readily to the outside world.

Once mould and bacteria have contaminated your residence, it must be treated as a complete environment.

Our Lysis Silber treatment effectively sterilises the entire field within any designated environment, including the air.

However, following this treatment physical cleaning and possible structural drying will release fine dust particles into the air which may adversely affect some people.

This leads us to the final stage, air purification. Through the use of specialty HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filters any airborne particles are captured leaving a truly safe and healthy indoor environment.

Air purification is an important component, but it MUST be done at the right stage.

Warning ! Never initiate this process while mould is still active, it will simply spread the mould spores to every last inch of your premises

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