At Putralis we specialise in Indoor Environment Control, providing unparalleled results against mould, odour and bacteria in any specified environment. Through the implementation of our Lysis Silber treatments we can deliver results unlike anything you have previously experienced.
With 87% of our lives spent indoors, the need for a quality indoor environment is vital for your long term health and wellbeing. Mould related illnesses alone affect almost 5 million Australians every year.
WHAT SETS US APART – Understanding the basics. What are mould and bacteria, how do they function and how are they to be treated. Our technicians are professionally trained in all aspects, from identifying the source, assessing the extent of the issue and formulating an appropriate plan of action. We will then discuss the assessment with you, highlighting key recommendations and service options
Common misconceptions and lack of knowledge over the years has lead to poor outcomes, recurring problems and hefty bills. Controlling mould and bacteria MUST be done in stages and in the correct order for any successful result to be attained.

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