Mould Removal
Treating mould and bacteria and creating healthy indoor environments is a highly specialised field.

Understanding the nature of the problem is one component, knowing how to remedy the situation is another matter entirely.

Following a strict set of protocols and procedures we deliver results over and above anything else you would have experienced.

Once we have completed our initial assessment and discussed the report with you, stage two is ready to start. Findings from the report are crucial, indicating what is required and at what stage it must be performed.

Whatever the findings, we provide the means to make your indoor environment safe and healthy again. In addition, we will help to ensure the problem does not reoccur.

Some of the services we provide include;

  • Rectification of source issue  -  eg. Possible building works
  • Implementation of Lysis Silber treatment
  • Structure and/or contents drying
  • Identification and disposal of non salvageable items
  • Physical cleaning
  • Modification suggestions
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